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We have equipment and are trained in two different methods of carpet cleaning:

1. Hot water extraction (HWE).

WHAT IS HWE?  Commonly referred to as "steam cleaning" this method is usually performed with a van-mounted machine, although high quality portables machines (not the "big box store" rental-type) are used in areas where a van / truck mount machine won't work (high rise building, for example)  HWE will also sanitize the carpet *see below. HWE is the KING of methods and most widely recommended by carpet manufacturers. In fact many manufacturers REQUIRE that a cleaning via this method be performed yearly by an IICRC certified cleaning pro as part of their warranty requirements.  Check your warranty card, or call your retailer if you aren't sure what you should be doing in terms of cleaning.  

SO, HOW DOES IT WORK?  Dry soil removal is key to a premium result, so first a thorough pre-vacuum of the carpeting is performed using a commercal-grade vacuum with true HEPA filtration.  HWE removes the tough, deep dirt safely and gently by injecting hot water into the carpet fibers using a specially calibrated low moisture wand.  Sanitizing happens at 171 degrees (we clean at 220 degrees at the wand).  A pre-treatment conditioner is applied to the carpet, raked in to help break the bond of soil to fibers.  Simultaneous with the wand injection is a powerful suction which extracts the deep-down soil, dander, and allergens loosened by the wand action.  A rinse removes all conditioner to leave your carpet free of residue.  Carpeting is slightly damp after HWE cleaning is performed.  Without speed drying, most carpets dry in about 4 hours under normal conditions.  Part of our service is to speed dry the carpet which will get you back in your space very quickly. 


2.  Low moisture cleaning (LMC) is a high tech dry cleaning method.  Sometimes terms like "encapsulation" or "counter-rotating brush cleaning" are used to describe it. 

WHAT IS LMC?  This method is growing in popularity as it can be more attractive for businesses and office space with dry-time concerns (carpet is dry within 30 minutes).  It is a good option when HWE is not logistically possible (high rise office space for example) and for specialty rugs and carpets that require true "dry cleaning".  This method is also a great maintenance cleaning in between regular HWE cleanings.  

HOW DOES IT WORK?  First, as with any proper carpet clean, dry soil removal must done first with a thorough vacuuming using a commercial-grade vacuum with HEPA filtration.  LMC employs a dual brush machine to lift and sweep the carpet fibers to remove the deeply embedded dry soil not captured by vacuuming alone.  A specially formulated carpet cleaning dry powder and pre-spray designed to "bond"  with the dirty, oily or wet spill residues is worked into the carpet fibers using the brush machine.  This action will cause those soils to loosen and the cleaning solution suspends and coats the soil and dries the soil for eventual removed by a final vacuuming.  With proper vacuuming maintenance, the carpets will look brighter and brighter over time.     

When you call us for your free quote, we don't just blurt out a figure - we take the time totalk with you and discuss your situtation to decide which method will work best for your specific needs!

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