Vacuuming - More Than Just Fun!

We are cleaners, we love to vacuum.  We like the sound of a fine running machine. We like the clean path made by a properly executed sweeping technique. And, as carpet cleaning experts, we know that pre-vacuuming is the first step a pro will perform in any quality professional steam clean. 

That said, we do understand that YOU may not view vacuuming with the same twinkle in your eye as we do!  That's ok, as most folks think of vacuuming more as a "chore" than a happy start to the day. 

Hopefully we can turn you around to at least liking your vacuum routine a little more if you know the skinny on how and why to vacuum.  Let us show you the way...

Best Techniques for Effective Vacuuming

What is the best way to keep your carpet clean? Of course, proper vacuuming!  A regular vacuuming regimen can have the largest impact on the quality of the indoor air you breathe as well as provide a lovely visual space.

Begin with a quality vacuum cleaner in good working order. HEPA filtration models are best as they filter the incoming air - trapping all those microdust particles and other pollutants - in its filter and exhaling, if you will, clean, filtered air back into your room.  It is worth the extra money to invest in a true HEPA filtration model.  You are getting two benefits - carpet cleaning and air filtration, so go for it. 

Check out your local vacuum cleaner retailer when you are ready to buy. They can offer good advice on the best option for your needs and the needs of your family. Many also office a repair service.  There is no need to purchase a cleaner from a box store and throw it out when it goes bad.  Utilize your local vac store - it's environmentally friendly to repair over replace.  

We are members of the Carpet & Rug Institute and happily recommend that you check their website (carpet-rug.org) for more info on vacuuming, vacuum cleaner recommendations, and general cleaning information as well.  It is great resource for consumer education.

Follow these quick tips and you will be sure to get the best clean from each vacuum session:

  • Check the bag/canister before you start. Empty or replace the bag when 1/2  to 2/3 full. Start with a clean canister. 
  • Make the proper adjustment of your beater bar. It should be resting on the carpet so it can brush the fibers. Set too high and it can't reach the carpet to properly brush. Too low and it will dig into the fibers.
  • Slow, even passes using a back and forth motion work best. Moving only forward or only backward or moving too quickly won't accomplish much.
  • Use your tools to get the corners, crevices, and edges where dust builds up.
  • Vacuum last, dust first. Any dust falling on the carpet can be removed with vacuuming.
  • Remember entrance ways and walk off mats.  These areas are where much of the soil enters our indoor spaces. Vacuuming them regularly will make a difference.
  • Have your machine in for routine tune up service to keep it running at optimum performance.


How Often Should You Vacuum?

In general, you should vacuum at least weekly. However, the more foot traffic over your carpet, the more often you should vacuum. A good rule of thumb is:

  • High-traffic (entry areas, mats, & traffic patterns) and pet areas - vacuum daily.
  • Medium-traffic areas - vacuum 2x weekly.
  • Light-traffic areas, using tool attachments at corners, crevices, and edges - vacuum weekly.


Remember, vacuuming serves several purposes:

  • Provides a  visually appealing environment.
  • Filters indoor air; improves air quality.
  • Preserves, adds to the lifespan of the carpeting.


Following these suggestions will yield a clean, pleasing environment while protecting your investment.  So pull out the vacuum and put on a happy face!


99 Bottles of Beer on the Job

99 Bottles of Beer on the Job   

 Our crew was working the midnight shift.

THE MISSION: sanitize and spot clean the carpeting in a commercial office building.  

THE SPACE:  a tight maze-like configuation of small workstations grouped together, oftentimes dubbed a Cubicle Farm. 

As we descended on our one-acre cube farm, a song from back in the day of school bus field trips came to mind.  Whether sparked by the full-on shot of those never-ending niches or maybe just the thought of an ice-cold one after work, that famous count-down tune about beer started to play in my head.  Of course I adapted the words to fit the situation...          


99 Cubies of Carpet of Clean,    99 Cubies to Clean,


       98 Cubies of Carpet to Clean...

Yeah, I know the words don't make complete sense (and of course my crew let me know that immediately when I tried unsuccessfully to get them to join me in song) but the singing actually helped to make the job seem less daunting, as I did have that goal to reach ZERO cubies to clean after all.

As we worked on through the night cleaning those little spaces, it was obvious each cubie resident had a style of their own - some dribbled the coffee, others spilled the whole cup; some left crumbs on the carpet, others the whole cookie.  (Hey, in this ecomony when you have 100s of cubicle spaces with human inhabitants you happily deal with any mess, right!) 

So while their "styles" varied, practically every one of them had something in common: a photo of a kid, a spouse, a pet - something meaningful they loved.  There were photo layouts rivaling the art in a museum, while others had placed just one small picture by a keyboard. 

Instantly, I began to feel differently about the task we were there to handle.  Seeing all those images brought me back to our company’s ideals of service in the bigger "picture" (no pun intended).  We were cleaning, yes, but also making the workplace healthier and brighter for those owners of the photos - the actual people who loved those kids, spouses, and pets lovingly on display.        

In life, haven't we all been called on to complete a job or task that might seem overwhelming or one that we might wish to somehow pass on to someone else?  But before passing on it, why not break it down into manageable sections and then have a little celebration as you complete each section.  Why not be inclined to look for what your connection is to the bigger picture and when the job is finally complete the sense of accomplishment you will feel only helps to make that next job go much easier.  

And who knows, you might have a little fun along the way.